"We create our own Habitats"

Dave Valdez, otherwise known as Valaska, is a singer-songwriter out of Chicago, IL whose use of gentle harmonic support and unique lyrical intricacies are as authentic as they are enticing. Born in March of 1988, Dave was raised in the small suburban town of Downers Grove and was given a guitar by his Grandmother at the age of eight. He played in multiple local acts throughout junior high and high school, including one group from his hometown which had limited DIY success, helping him develop a relationship to the local scene and building his understanding of the indie music industry. In 2010, Valdez released a self titled EP under the name Valaska, produced and recorded by Aaron Marsh of the band Copeland.

In 2012, Dave went back to Aaron Marsh, prepared to record his full length debut and take Valaska in an entirely new direction. "Natural Habitat", released in March of 2013, was recorded partially at home and partially in studio at the Vanguard Room in Lakeland, FL and is a true grassroots undertaking. Dave employs lyrically driven verses and easy grooves to strike a chord in his listeners through his impressive storytelling. Valaska toured the midwest and northwest United States in support of his release throughout late 2013.

In the beginning processes of writing a new record and continually doing supporting tours, Dave has big things in store for 2014. With a new release on the horizon, Valaska is sure to continue to make an impact in the indie folk world with his real, raw, and deeply intimate tunes.